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i like bugs... for the most part.

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Aug. 25th, 2008 | 03:27 pm

i like saving bugs.

i work in a school surrounded by greenery and there are usually some unfortunate creatures who get lost inside. they aren't at home amongst all this vinyl and drywall.. i like to capture them and return them to their natural environment.

i shudder at the thought of how i used to mercilessly squish insects that got in my way, or scared me. i would never, ever do that now. it seems like so long ago, and really, it was.

i may cringe when some weird-sounding bugs fly past my ear.. and i may not like to have creepy-crawlies crawling over my skin.. but who am i to end their lives for being what they are?

i just saved a beetle/cricket-type thing from it's terrible fate in a women's washroom.. and as i was letting it outside i turned around and this girl had this huge smile on her face and was looking at me. "that was really nice of you," she said. "i wish more people would do that."

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