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Slowly drifting

into a peaceful breeze

Tina Rose
10 July 1983
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I'm a pleasure junkie, it's true.

Alex Grey

As I change, this journal stays the same. Man, it's hard to keep up.
\m/, a_perfect_circle puscifer & tool, ab punching, ai, alex grey, anna olsen's sugar, asphyxiophilia, auras, avocados, back of knee, baking, band t-shirts, beards, beautiful creatures, beautiful sundays, belle, belly buttons, big ass-kicking boots, björk, blue, blue&grey, body glitter is cute&sexy, books, braided pigtails, bruises, budgies, bum rubs, bum shaking, bum slaps, bums, bun, burns, cancer: zodiac sign, captain jack sparrow, cervix culture, chicks that sing, chicks with guns, chin doh, christina aguilera (thatswhatisaid), chubby cheeks, coffee, collecting johnny depp movies, cooking, corsets, crazy asian movies, cuddling, cuddly care bears, cute nerds, dancing all crazy-like, doh, dolphin chest, eating cookies, element: water, eyeliner on guys, facial hair, family&friends ♥, folds, food, friendly furry creatures, frotteurism, fuzzy clothes, gastronomic fantasies, getting punched in-the face, gluten, graphic design, green, guillotina, guttery thoughts, hashbrowns, holmes on homes, hoodies, hugs, human scent, id, johnny depp ♥, kisses, koala on eucalyptus, liquid eyeliner, listening-to music-i've-never heard-before, live performances, lollipops, long hair, longhair+men=yummy, love stories, mabe, macbookpro, makeup, making breakfast, marilyn_manson & evan_rachel_wood together, maynard james keenan is_god, metal!!!, miniskirts, moon face, multiple pairs of socks, my bitches ♥, my momma ♥, nin love forever, oatmeal banana chocolate-chip vegan-cookies, oldboy, open mindedness, ozonated water, pacifism, pancakes, panties, partying!, photobooths, pie, piercings, pigtails, pillow fight league, pink, pink&black, pink&blue, ps, pudge, reading, restriction of breath, ribbon, roses are-my-middle-name, scabs, scars, seinfeld, shimmer&glitter, silver, singers, singing&dancing/on the\subway, skirts, sleeping, snuggling\with sweet koala/bears, socks, sparkles, spontaneity, stockings, stripes, tattoos, tea, that fresh just-walked-into-a-bakery smell, thighs, things that sparkle, time spent ♥, toenails+polish, trust, tummies, vegetarianism, walking\is good/foryou, water, weird&interesting people, yummy lollies, zipping&unzipping zippers, zombies